bybmg: A Day with the Family - Delicious and Pinteresting

A Day with the Family - Delicious and Pinteresting

We had my family (my parents, brothers, sisters-in-law, niece, and nephews) over today. The guys golfed, and the girls stayed around here with the kiddos. It was a super fun day, and I pulled out an old recipe I had forgotten about but love.

Strawberry. Summer. Cake.

It's a recipe from smitten kitchen. It's seriously so. good. so. easy. All the ingredients, besides the strawberries, are things you'd normally have around.

Also, I found a fun little Pinterest t-shirt idea, so we made them for all the kiddos, with their help of course.

Because of the guys being out golfing, it was my responsibility to get the grill going. This isn't just a "turn on the gas" grill. I had to get the charcoal going for our beautiful green Weber! To say I felt accomplished is an understatement.

It couldn't have been more perfect weather! We got out the bubble machine, squirt guns and the sprinkler.


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