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Etsy Love

As you probably know, my shop has its home on Etsy. There are so many great sellers on there, and if I had an unlimited amount of money, that's where I would probably go to spend it. My husband has really taken a liking to Etsy and gets most of my gifts from there.

I thought I would take the opportunity every once in a while to feature some cute things I'm seeing there!

Birdhouse Jewelry - State Charms
These would be adorable for a charm bracelet or just to sport your home state around your neck. I may be getting Iowa soon!

For Henry everything is giraffes. LBG 2.0 has an elephant to take his/her monthly picture with, and I hope to make elephants his/her special animal. This would be a cute one to add to the collection.

I know this seller personally. She makes the cutest little hats. If LBG 2.0 is a girl, this one will be ordered ASAP!

Bootcuff Susie - Crochet Boot Cuffs
I ordered a pair of these for myself. I really like them. They add a little detail without a lot of bulk and you can't beat the price!

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