bybmg: Nursery - Done for now!

Nursery - Done for now!

The nursery is done! I've really enjoyed making this a "new" room for this little one. It really came together and didn't cost very much at all.

Today I sewed the curtains. My mom and I found the fabric last weekend, and the colors really tie everything together. The way the fabric was printed is a little funky - not quite straight - so don't look too close!

This corner is probably where I'll spend a great deal of my time rocking and feeding late in the night, and I think I'll appreciate its beauty during those times.

I may end up painting this shelf sometime or getting a new one, but it will do for now.

My wonderful friend, Kristen, made the blanket for us. I love how it goes along with the zig zag fabric.

The circle frames are from my mother-in-law and were used in Henry's nursery. I just switched the fabric. Framing fabric is a wonderfully cost effective way to jazz up the walls of any room. I know I'll add some more art on the walls later, probably photos. But, for now, I think the room is ready!

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