bybmg: 37 weeks!

37 weeks!

I'm 37 weeks today/tomorrow depending on who is counting. It's been fun to document this pregnancy. I took weekly belly shots with Henry's pregnancy, but I never printed them, and now, sadly, I lost most of the pictures! I don't know what happened. I even wore the same outfit with just different colored tank tops and had Russ take the pictures! This time, it's just been a mirror shot each Friday.

I have a pregnancy tracking book from Henry's pregnancy too. I was good about writing in it. This time around, I wanted to try a different one, so I got The Belly Book. It's a little humorous compared to the book I had with Henry. Henry's book also just had more of a description of what was happening each week. The Belly Book is more just my thoughts relating to different questions. I took the time last week to organize and send for prints of all the belly shots this time around - starting at 9 weeks, and got them in the mail today.

I got them all taped in. I only need this week's and the next few!

I did find my 37 week shot from Henry, so here's a comparison

37 weeks with Henry...I don't look so happy!

37 weeks with this babe

I hope to get the curtains done for the nursery this weekend. I might even get started tonight. We'll see! Can't wait to show you the completed room!

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