bybmg: Social Distancing Update, May 15, 2020

Social Distancing Update, May 15, 2020

It's been a few weeks since I have been over here, but I wanted to pop on and say hello. Honestly with being home with the boys, it's been hard to find a solid routine. I forget what day of the week it is. My emotional state goes up and down. I am sure many of you can relate. Scrolling back through pictures of the last month, we have done a lot of things!

Russ and Henry stained our front porch and back deck. It's amazing how Henry has really stepped up some responsibility. I mean, money may be a tiny bit of a motivator, but he also learned how to mow the lawn!

Because the deck was freshly stained, I took the chance to order a new door mat. I love how it looks. 

Wesley had a plan unit in school and we took the chance to plant some flowers to have around the house.

I purchased a few craft items to keep us busy, and paining these canvas drawstring bags were a hit!

I bought a hat or two on Amazon to make it so I can extend my hair washing just one more day when I'm not feeling it.

The boys love adventuring outdoors. Usually Russ takes them somewhere to stomp and hike around so I can have a little quiet, but one day I decided to go with and it was so fun to see them explore and be brave. Also these boot from Target have been a hit!

Since Calvin's preschool was a paid private program and we quit paying when it was announced that school was closed for the rest of the year, he hasn't had a lot of school structure like his brothers. But we connected with a couple preschool friends and they have done video calls to chat a couple times. It's been cute to see it. 

Calvin and Wesley got bored one day and took to cutting dandelions in the yard with scissors. It kept them busy and they have revisited the hobby a few times since this day.

On May Day, we delivered some May Baskets to friends. It was a fun change of pace.

We bought a pool for the boys for the back yard, so I also bought some new chairs! If you haven't tried out one of these zero gravity chairs, you're missing out. They're so great!

Calvin has really seemed to grow up a lot in the two months we have been home. He went from riding in the trailer on bike rides to overcoming his fear of riding on the tag-a-long bike. And just last week he learned to ride a bike with no training wheels (which I don't have a photo of!). He has just tried new things and not given up. He has also learned to rollerskate!

We celebrated Calvin's birthday at home, too. I tried to make it a little different than Wesley's celebration in April, so we did a pinata!

The boys really haven't gone anywhere except hiking outdoors since all of this started, but Wesley had his 7 year well check. We masked up and went and he did great.

I had to go to school to tie up loose ends from the year. We had to bag each of our home room student's locker contents in bags and then they drove though and picked them up. Seeing all of this happen has just been so sad and strange.

Wesley's teacher sent him a flat teacher to take photos of what he has been up to. He was so excited. 

At my school we also had a drive through parade where families could drive by and say hello. It was super cold that day, but it was fun to see coworkers and students.

Since we had been social distancing and so had my parents, we went to visit them the day before Mother's Day. It was so good to see them and it was a fun change of pace for the boys.

We also spent time on Mother's Day with Russ's parents and sister who live close to us.

The rest of Mother's Day was pretty great. Russ sent me off for some time by myself and I brought home take out for dinner.

This past Monday we went to the boys' school and picked up their stuff. I wasn't sure how they would feel about it, but they were happy to look through things and Henry especially was happy to have some writing projects back that he'd been working on. 

I think that brings us up to date! I feel like the days have just been kind of repeats of each other, but looking back we have had some variety. Now we wait to see what of our summer plans actually happen. We have some travel plans and are really just waiting to see what will be open to determine what we do.

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