bybmg: High Five For Friday 4.17 - Social Distancing Weeks 4 & 5

High Five For Friday 4.17 - Social Distancing Weeks 4 & 5


Well, I can't say life has gotten busy, but it's been different. Some days I nail my to-do list and other days I can barely get off the couch. Last Friday I had all the intentions of blogging but just didn't, so this week you get highlights from the past two weeks.


Because we are a little crazy around here, one day Wesley and I went live in my Facebook Group and he did my make up. He got a little crazy at the end, but it was very fun!


Our boys' school did a teacher drive by parade and it was so sweet. The boys made signs and I definitely teared up a little bit.


We're still rocking the fire pit the boys made and one night we roasted hot dogs over it!


We celebrated Wesley's birthday and I worked with Card My Yard, Des Moines for a fun surprise in our yard!

Russ's parents came over to drop off gifts (and stay at a distance). :)

I arranged to have our local fire department drove by to wish Wesley a happy day!

Wesley helped me decorate his cake!

And we zoom called with my family to sing Happy Birthday and blow out his candles.


One of Russ's former students invited us out to check out their farm. They had horses and sheep and sheep dogs and it was nice to get out and away from our town for a little bit.


Easter Sunday the weather was cold and icky, but we enjoyed church from the couch in our jammies.

We also had an indoor egg hunt and got a little dressed up to eat take out for dinner.

This past week it has been pretty gloomy and cold. We have gone on some walks but spent a lot of time inside. As I type this, it's snowing, but next week is supposed to be nicer again so I can't wait to get outside more. 

Lots of love to you all in these stressful times. 

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