bybmg: Recent Amazon Purchases December 2019

Recent Amazon Purchases December 2019


I'm a little late to the game this month, but it is fun to share what we've been purchasing from Amazon. I love reading these types of posts and I hope you do too!

This post contains affiliate links which means I may make a small commission at no additional cost to you if you purchase through the links.

1. I picked up some of these hair clips to use as gifts for customers and they are so cute! I kept a the lips ones for myself!

2. I also got these foundation brushes for gifts for customers, too. They are very comparable with some that I have that cost a LOT more.

3. I saw this dress in a Facebook group and I fell in LOVE! I ordered it in a medium and large because I wasn't sure on size and ended up keeping the large. It is SO cute and affordable.

4. I have seen some students and friends wear these warm, cozy jackets, and I wanted one, but the name brand one some of them had was close to $100. I found this one on Amazon for under $30 and I LOVE it!

5. This pop bead jewelry kit was on sale for $15 one day, so I ordered it. I think it will be fun to pull out on a cold winter day!

6. Henry went to a birthday party, and Nerf guns are an easy gift to get for boys his age, so we got this one.

7. Calvin didn't have much on his Christmas list, but one thing he REALLY wanted was a magic wand! I found this one on that makes noise and he loved it.

8. One day Amazon had a sale on markers and pencils. I picked up these dry erase markers for school along with some Mr. Sketch Markers and mechanical pencils.

9. I ordered a PINK Christmas tree right after Christmas. Our current tree is pre-lit and has had some lights stop working. I have always dreamed of having a "pretty" tree, so this one will go upstairs next year and then we will move the current tree downstairs. I also bought some rainbow ornaments to decorate like this Pinterest idea!

I'm excited to link up regularly with this monthly link up, Prime Purchases! What fun things have you bought on Amazon lately?

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