bybmg: Recent Amazon Purchases November 2019

Recent Amazon Purchases November 2019


I made many more purchases on Amazon this month because ya know, Christmas is coming up! But I don't have them all shown here because some are gifts for people who may read this blog!

This post contains affiliate links which means I may make a small commission at no additional cost to you if you purchase through the links.

1. I am OBSESSED with these bangles! These keychain bangles are amazing! They are so handy! You can find your keys in your purse because they have a large thing attached to them, and if I have to run somewhere quick, I can just throw the bangle on my wrist! I purchased these for a friend's favorite things party and for gifts for my SeneGence business!

2. I have purchased these eyeshadow brushes many times before for myself and for gifts. I purchased them again for my friend's favorite things party!

3. Each year I get the boys ornaments for Christmas that reflect on their year. I already found Calvin a Transformer one in person, but I found this soccer ball ornament for Henry and a rollerskate ornament for Wesley. I can't wait for them to get them!

4. This little hair teaser crimper gadget is supposed to help with hair volume if you crimp at your roots. I am excited to try it out.

5. Cal is in love with Transformers and that's really all he said he wanted for Christmas! These two are from the Rescue Bots series which are great for kids his age (he is 4) to manipulate. Optimus Prime is his favorite and this one is fun because it transforms into a monster truck. He also likes Bumblebee and this one transforms to be a truck type vehicle as well. 

6. I also snagged this fun number robot for Calvin. All the numbers transform and then you can connect them together to make a larger robot. I think he will like it!

Also, we adopted a couple kids from our church's giving tree this year. I got one little boy this Construction Duplo Set (Calvin has it and loves it) and another boy two books Little Blue Truck Leads the Way and Where Do Diggers Sleep at Night. I got the girl this bracelet kit

I'm excited to link up regularly with this monthly link up, Prime Purchases! What fun things have you bought on Amazon lately?

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