bybmg: Favorite Amazon Purchases of 2019

Favorite Amazon Purchases of 2019


It's fun to round up things at the end of the year, and today I'm rounding up my favorite purchases from Amazon this year! 

This post contains affiliate links, meaning I may make a small commission if you purchase from them at no added cost to you.

1. I got this set of air dry clay back in June and it was a HIT. The boys LOVEd it and it wasn't super messy.

2. I got two different sets of packing cubes,  a black set and a colored set, in May and they were amazing for travel!

3. I also got Turksh towels in May and we have used them so much! They were great for vacation and going to the pool.

4. The Braava Jet Robot Mop  that I purchased in January has been great. I also got Washable Pads,  but I have learned I prefer the disposable pads, so I have gone back to those. 

5. We purchased What Should Danny Do - School Day and What Should Danny Do and we still read them a ton. I highly recommend them!

6. Wesley wanted roller skates for his birthday and they have been a huge hit. He isn't a huge bike rider yet, so these have been a fun alternate form of transportation for him!

7. I bought a carpet cleaner in October because our cat was getting sick, and it works really well. I am glad we got it!

 Those are the big highlights of the Amazon purchases this year. What were your favorite purchases this year?

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