bybmg: Recent Amazon Purchases September 2019

Recent Amazon Purchases September 2019


Can you even believe it is October?! Today I'm rounding up my Amazon purchases from September, and a couple are in preparation for the coming months!

This post contains affiliate links which means I may make a small commission at no additional cost to you if you purchase through the links.

1. I ran out of my make up brush cleaner, so I snagged a new bottle of my favorite brush cleaner. I swear by this stuff. It is pricey, but a little goes a long way and it is quick drying so you can use your brushes withing minutes!

2. I needed a new little card holder and I found this cute card holder for $5.99! It will be great to keep cards in when I use purses or clutches that are too small for my wallet.

3. Wesley decided what he wanted to be for Halloween, a blue unicorn! So I found this blue unicorn costume. I especially like it because I know he will rewear it for PJs!

4. My favorite iced coffee gadget finally bit the dust after having it for a few years and using it daily, but I love it so much, I bought another one! It's the HyperChiller! You keep it in the freezer and then brew your coffee straight into it. It chills your coffee in just minutes!

5. When I saw these Mr Sketch Holiday Scented Markers were on sale, I had to snag them. I think at the time they were under $5. They will be great to bring out in a month or two!.

6. Last, Calvin decided he wanted to be a Transformer for Halloween, so I got this Optiums Prime Hoodie. I'm all about the costumes that can be worn more than just on Halloween!

I'm excited to link up regularly with this monthly link up, Prime Purchases! What fun things have you bought on Amazon lately?

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