bybmg: High Five For Friday 9.13 - Toys, Training, and Twinning

High Five For Friday 9.13 - Toys, Training, and Twinning

Happy Friday! Della at Della Devoted, Whitney at Polka Dotty Place, Tif at Bright on a Budget, and I want to welcome you to High Five for Friday! Each week we share the best parts of the week and hope you'll join us! Remember you can link up your highlights post or up to THREE of your favorite posts from this past week!


Our neighbor a couple houses down have two sons who are out of college. This past weekend one of the sons brought over three huge boxes of old toys for our boys to have. It felt like it was the scene from the end of Toy Story 3! Calvin is obsessed with Transformers lately, and they gave us a ton of those!


The moped is here! I made my first trip on it to deliver an order and I also rode it to school two days this week. Russ has also taken it on a few cruises too!


I walked into work on Tuesday and saw that my friend Kelly and I were twinning! Leopard pants for the win!


I started the Couch to 5K plan a few weeks ago in training for my first 5K in October! I found the sweetest walking mates on my cool down one day this week!


We hadn't been to the ice cream shop recently, so we went on Wednesday night. They have added candy toppings to the menu, so the boys had to try it out!

How was your week?

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