bybmg: Thred Up Goody Box: All the Dresses and Jumpsuits

Thred Up Goody Box: All the Dresses and Jumpsuits

I got an email saying I had some ThredUp credit, so I went looking around their website and was reminded of their Good Box! What is a ThredUp Goody Box? It's a box where a stylist chooses 10 thrifted items to send you, you try them on in the comfort of your own home, you keep what you want, and send back the rest. I was really pleased with the box that I got. I put in the notes that I would like all dresses and jumpsuits for our upcoming tropical vacation. So, here's what I got and I'll share what I kept! The brands don't necessarily matter since you can't really go out and find these pieces, but all of the items where in the $18-$35 price range which I thought was really good!

This dress was really cute, but I'm not much of a high-low hemline gal, so it was returned.

This dress was super cute but not my style, so it was returned!

Same with this one! It's cute, but not my style, so it was returned. It was new with tags!

This jumpsuit was pretty basic. Nothing super special about it, but it was not easy to get on or off, so it was a no-go for me.

I love this dress.... so much so that I had purchased a dress from Amazon just like it recently, so it was a return!

At first glance I liked this jumpsuit, but then I looked again and it just isn't all that flattering and Russ said the print looks like an elephant, so it went back. It was new with tags though!

This one was cute and very tropical, but I wasn't totally digging the print, so I returned it.

I went back and forth on this dress. It's a pretty classic piece, but it just isn't totally me, so it went back.

This was another dress I was on the fence about. It's cute and very tropical, but I just felt like I'd wear it once and be done, so I sent it back.

This dress really doesn't fit the profile of vacation, but it was actually the one I kept. I can see myself wearing it a lot to school and I could even add some wedges and it would make a fun date night dress too!

So all in all I kept one piece, but it was really a hard decision! Do you think I made the right choice? 

Want to try ThredUp or the Goody Box, use my link here to get some shopping credit!

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