bybmg: Recent Amazon Purchases - May 2019

Recent Amazon Purchases - May 2019


It's time again to round up my Amazon purchases from this past month! This month I didn't really buy a ton! There are a couple random odds and ends I got for my business that I didn't post, but this is the most of it.

This post contains affiliate links which means I may make a small commission at no additional cost to you if you purchase through the links.

1. I do a lot of face masks and sometimes it's annoying to get the mask out of the container and apply it with my hands, so I got this handy face mask kit. It came with a spatula to get the mask out of the container and a brush to apply it to your face. It was super affordable too!

2. We're traveling a lot this summer, and I have heard packing cubes are amazing, so I got some to try. I got two different sets: a black set and a colored set. Anyone have any packing cube tips!?

3. I'd been looking for a new tooth brush holder option for the boys. They tend to make a mess. So I found these cute suction cup guys to hold them to their mirror. So far so good!

4. I have heard a few people raving about Turksh towels! They are light weight and soft but also super absorbent and dry quickly! I found this set for a reasonable price on Amazon and thought they would be great for our travels to the beach this summer.

5. We replaced Russ's metal wedding band with a silicone one a year or so ago. He realized one day it must have come off or broke, so we ordered up a replacement silicone ring. This one seems great!

6. I wanted a new summer maxi dress. I ordered a couple and kept this floral dress. It fits well and is super cute! I can totally see myself wearing it to school with a jean jacket in the fall too!

I'm excited to link up regularly with this monthly link up, Prime Purchases! What fun things have you bought on Amazon lately?

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