bybmg: Recent Amazon Purchases March 2019

Recent Amazon Purchases March 2019


It's time again to round up my Amazon purchases from this past month! I said last month that I didn't think I would order much this month... well wrong! Though a lot of things were not just splurges. Check out all I got below:

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1. Wesley has attended a couple birthday parties for friends this past month and ordering off of Amazon is usually way easier than me making a trip to the store, so I ordered a few LOL items this month: Bling Series, activity book, and party favors. Wesley's birthday party is this weekend and I bought the favors as an easy one stop shop!

2. I got highlights in my hair again, so I want to try to combat them from getting to brassy. I read some reviews and this Matrix Total Results Brass Off Shampoo seemed to be best, so I'm giving it a try. 

3. I like to slowly stock up on things for summer, and this sunscreen stick was on sale one day on Amazon. I love having a sunscreen stick for faces.

4. I ran out of printer ink, and again, ordering and two day shipping was faster than I could get to the store and the price is similar to what I pay in the store anyway. 

5. I'm flying to Tulsa in a few weeks. I have been really struggling on my last couple flights with the pain of the air pressure changes and it affects me hours after my flights, so I'm going to try these EarPlanes which are supposed to help!

6. Flair Pens were on sale again. I just couldn't resist.

7 Our fire pit cover got ruined over the winter, so I ordered this one. I really like that it has a drawstring around the bottom so you can pull it tight and it won't blow away!

8. & 9. Wesley wanted roller skates for his birthday, so I found these. They're adjustable so hopefully they will last a little while, and I also picked up some guards for his knees, wrists and elbows since he is a newbies!

10. My big toes are kind of messed up right now from dropping something on my foot a while back and so I bought these false toenails in hopes I could cover my big toe on spring break. Well, I glued it on at night and then it came off while I was sleeping. I think if I were to use them again I would have to glue it on in the morning I wanted to use it.

11. So this leopard dress (besides the pens) was my only self splurge. I got it on lightening deal so it was maybe $15? I got it in purple in a large and blue in a medium to see which size worked. Well, the medium works better, but I almost like the purple print, so now I have to decide if I send them both back and get the purple in the right size or if I keep the blue.

12. Henry is growing like a weed and we needed to get him some new cleats for soccer (though he got new ones in the spring). I didn't feel like driving around to stores (can you see a trend?) so when I was looking for cleats I noticed some qualified for Amazon Wardrobe. Prime Wardrobe is a service where you select up to 8 items, get them shipped to you, and then you only keep what you want and send the rest back. I ordered up 6 pairs of cleats in different sizes and styles, and we tried them all on at home. Henry decided to keep these cleats (which were $14.99 at the time), so it was a great win!

I'm excited to link up regularly with this monthly link up, Prime Purchases! What fun things have you bought on Amazon lately?

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