bybmg: Recent Amazon Purchases: February 2019

Recent Amazon Purchases: February 2019


It's time again to round up my Amazon purchases from this past month! This month it was a lot of random things. I'm not sure if I'll order much in March because I want to save money for Spring Break! Check out all I got below:

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1. I'm always needing bubble mailers to ship out orders, and these ones are a really good deal at less than 50 cents a piece!

2. Henry needed some new storage for his office, and this organizer was a quick affordable option and the totes at the bottom work well to capture the stuff.

3. I had seen some videos where some ladies had been loving this lash comb to comb out their lashes after applying mascara, so I bought it and am loving it so far.

4. Our dishwasher arm came off and melted in the dishwasher. Amazon 2 day shipping to the rescue. After going just two days without a dishwasher, I was so thankful to have it back and working again. 

5. Calvin loves Hulk and this Play Doh set was on sale for $10. I snagged it for a future gift.

6. Henry had some allowance money to spend so he bought this little robot. It really doesn't do much besides make noises when you touch it, but he enjoys it.

7 & 8. We bought these books (What Should Danny Do - School Day and What Should Danny Do) after a recommendation from Calvin's preschool. He struggles to make good decisions sometimes (like a lot of three-year-olds) so these are kind of like a choose your own adventure with decision making for kids. 

9. These eyeshadow brushes were, and still are, a great deal. I bought a set for me and a few to give away to customers, and I'm really pleased with the quality. 

10. I saw on a deal page I follow, that these sandals were on sale for $7.50! I had to snag them. They're back up to almost $30 now!

11. I preordered Girl Stop Apologizing in February and it will arrive this week!

12. I bought this face tool kind of on a whim thinking it could help clean my pores. I tried it once at home and was like, NOPE this doesn't work, so it's currently on it's way back to Amazon for a refund.

I'm excited to link up regularly with this monthly link up, Prime Purchases! What fun things have you bought on Amazon lately?

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