bybmg: I Tried Custom Haircare & Giveaway

I Tried Custom Haircare & Giveaway


This post contains gifted items but the opinions are my own.

Did you know there is such a thing as custom haircare? Now, I know you can get haircare for curly hair or frizzy hair, but did you know you can get haircare made JUST for you? I didn't until I learned about FormulateFormulate is a company that makes custom shampoo and conditioner JUST for you. They take into account your hair and your environment!

So, how in the world does it work? First off you take a survey. The survey asks about your hair type, your hair needs, your location, if you color you hair, and more. Then, they do the work! The Formulate scientists create a custom shampoo and conditioner just for you. You can even choose your scent preferences. All of their products are sulfate free.

Formulate contacted me a few months back and asked if I would like to try it in exchange for my review, and I agreed. I took the hair survey on September 25, and had my first batch of shampoo and conditioner in my hands on October 9. The products come with a list of ingredients and explain how they will work for your hair. I gave the products a try and was really please with the scent, but something in the formula wasn't working with my hair. As a Formulate customer, you not only get to provide them with information at the start, but they also have an app where you can communicate with the chemists to let them know how your haircare is going and if you have had any changes.

With my first formula, I gave it a couple washes, but it wasn't working quite right for me. I contacted the chemists through my company contact and explained what was going on. they looked into the formula I had and made some changes based on my feedback, and I got my second batch of shampoo and conditioner on November 7. This second batch has been perfect. It makes my hair feel great, leaves me with the perfect amount of moisture, and best of all, I don't feel like I have to blow dry my hair to smooth it out, the product does the work and I can let me hair air dry if I want.

Overall I am really pleased with Formulate haircare. After troubleshooting the initial formula, the second batch is perfect for my hair. Obviously with custom haircare, it takes more time that just showing up at the store and walking out with something, but I think it is worth it if you have difficult hair and struggle to find something to work for you off the shelf.

And now for the exciting part, Formulate is giving away a custom shampoo and conditioner for one lucky ByBMG reader! Go to this link to enter! Giveaway closes on December 29 and you must be a US resident to enter!

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