bybmg: $10 at Target - Hair Stuff

$10 at Target - Hair Stuff

Hey all! Happy Tuesday! I wanted to jump on and share my recent trip to Target with just a budget of $10! First, let's walk through the journey of things I didn't buy!

The first stop was the dollar spot (obviously) and these hello fall items were really cute. I'm kind of over decorating for fall, so I didn't snag them, but if they end up on clearance later I may buy them for next fall. 

I also saw these cheerful tumblers. I think they would be fun for a kid's party or the summer!

Another fall decor item that caught my eye was this cute pumpkin! I love it. Again if it goes on clearance, I may snag it for next year!

It had been a while since I went in the craft department and these unicorns look so fun. I know the boys would like painting them!

They also had some cute fake succulents in the home decor department on clearance. So tempting!

I also really liked the look of these candles. We don't use candles a ton though, so I passed.

Another cute clearance home decor item was this one! 

So, what did I end up with?

Even though I wash my hair at night, I still usually blow dry it because it gives it some extra body. I also heat style my hair most days, I want to give this spray ($3 and some change) a try. It has seemed to speed up my blow drying a bit. I also had my eye on one of these headbands last time I was in the store. Full price they're $10, but I found this on on sale for a little over $6. Now that I have it I'm kind of regretting it because it's really big. I thought it would be fun but so far I've only worn it around home. Would you wear it?

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