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Loving Lately


I thought it'd be fun to share some things I've been loving lately. From food to bath bombs to making my life better, read on!

I'm loving bath bombs and I was so excited when Elizabeth posted this recipe. I truly use a bath bomb in every bath I take now, which is 3ish times a week but it can be a little bit of an expensive interest! I tried this recipe and was successful! I can't wait to make more and play around with scents and colors!

I have been loving Pancheros burrito bowls, so I thought I would try to make my own as I mentioned on Friday. I used this cilantro lime rice recipe which was super easy and really yummy. I made my own rice bowls to take for lunch and it was amazing!

I'm loving this cauliflower pizza casserole recipe (minus the black olives)! I can get lazy with the same old dinners and this was was a great change (and pretty healthy). The boys weren't fans but Russ and I were. We also tried this deconstructed chicken pot pie and it was a winner for 4/5 of the family.

I've started a modified version of Rachel Hollis's Last 90 Days. The premise is you shouldn't wait for the new year to make a resolution. Make promises now and the new year will start off so much better! I honestly never work out, so 30 minutes a day can seem like a lot for me. I have made it a goal to ride my bike on the trainer for 20 minutes three times a week! I'm not getting up an hour earlier, because I honestly do a pretty good time making time for myself, but I'm going to drink more water and focus on gratitude.

I also have a few product reviews coming up in the next month or so including a new toothbrush and custom shampoo!

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