bybmg: A Gadget for the Manicured Mom

A Gadget for the Manicured Mom

I received this product free in exchange for review. Opinions are my own.

Ever since I was in high school having nice nails was important to me. Whether it was getting a manicure, doing my nails at home, or something in between, I like to have nice nails! Having longer nails and motherhood don't always mix, though.

One thing I have struggled with is the car seat buttons. Obviously, for safety reasons, car seat buttons require some intense pressure to open. This can be a problem when you have long nails! I need my thumb to make a pretty significant depth to get the car seat undone, and long nails interfere. Enter The Car Seat Key! It's a c-shape with a "bump" on one end that hits the button while you just use hand pressure to squeeze.

You just place it to the side of the button, slide it over the button, and press! It is so handy! The Car Seat Key comes in a variety of colors (they sent us two, and the one I gave to Russ is black), and they come with a clip to clip on to your keychain or wherever in the car is most handy to keep it. I'm so happy I found out about this great little device, because it's saving my manicure and it just makes unbuckling easier!

This is a great little device to give to new moms in your life, grandmas, and friends! They offer free US shipping and bulk discounts: buy 2, save $4.00; buy 3 save $9.00; buy 4,  save $14.00; buy 5, save $19.00! Discount is automatically applied at checkout! Shop here!

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