bybmg: $10 at Target - Photo Props

$10 at Target - Photo Props


Happy Wednesday! Every once in a while I head to Target with a $10 budget and see what I can find! This trip was so fun! 

I'm pretty much addicted to bath bombs. This one looked intriguing. 

It was tempting, but I didn't buy any floaties for next summer.

I haven't been through their kitchen section in a while, and they have some adorable things like this towel!

They also had some cute home decor like these book ends!

And these wall art pieces were cute too!

They had an extra discount on clearance clothes when I went and it was so tempting to find something in the clothes section.

I showed this donut tank before and it was marked down a lot but I just didn't think I would wear it much. 

I've seen all the fuss about big football stadiums now requiring clear purses and the dollar spot had a couple options. 

This fall tray also caught my eye!

And of course I eyed these pumpkin containers!

So, what did I end up with?

I got a bunch of cute little decor pieces. The pumpkins and Halloween signs were $1 each along with the sparkles. The touchdown banner was $3 and the 6-pack of slime was a great filler for just a buck.

I used the decor pieces and banners to make some cute flat lays for my SeneGence Instagram account. I haven't used the Halloween ones yet but I will once it gets closer. The boys loved the slime. It was a fun treat for a rainy day.  I just love Target, don't you?

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