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Easy Summer Outfit: My Secret


I'm a teacher so I have summers off. I love dressing up in the school year, and it would be easy to take summers off and stick to work out wear every day (though I don't work out). But for me, there's something that just likes to feel pulled together. I don't have to be fancy and you're not going to see me dressed up all the time, but I've found a way to feel pulled together in the summer that make me feel good about what I'm wearing even if I have nowhere to go. It all boils down to one thing.

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Top: c/o Shein just $13!
Shorts: J Crew Factory (different colors, similar color)
Bracelets: Southern Joy Designs & Keep Collective 
Bag: Amazon
Sandals: Payless Under $20!

So, do you want to know my pulled together summer secret? It's all in the shorts. I refuse to wear boring shorts. Instead I have collected shorts that are either colorful or patterned and I pair them with everything. I don't do khaki shorts and I have a pair of black ones that I pull for occasionally but usually I go for the colorful ones. 

I have heard people say, "I can't wear _______ ," and usually that pertains to pattern or color, but honestly, you can wear just about anything. AND I bet you'll get a compliment on it! 

This outfit is made up of my favorite colors. If you look at my blog logo you'll catch them. The orchid color of the shorts is something I pull for often and it pairs amazing with the navy top and the brown details in my accessories. The floral embroidery on the top adds a fun extra touch too. You'll usually see me mixing color and pattern in what I wear. 

Do you own colored shorts? What's something you think you can't wear? I want to challenge you to give it a try!

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