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Preparing Your Home Before a Vacation

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 Summer is upon us, and for this teacher, that means time off! It also means a lot of travel! We packed our summer full this summer. The boys are at a great age where they aren't in many summer activities, so we're taking full advantage. As we leave our home for days or even a week at a time, it's important to accomplish a checklist of things before we leave that will keep our home safe, clean, and make returning home pleasant.

Today I'm going to share five things with you that we always do before we leave on a trip including making sure we get keep the litter box clean with New Purina® TIDY CATS® Free & Clean™ Unscented Clumping Litter.

Preparing Your Home Before Vacation - Mail

1. If we're going to be gone for more than a couple days, we always put a stop to our mail or ask a trusted neighbor to get it for us. This keeps our home safe so that mail isn't piling up making it obvious that we're gone or allowing packages to get stolen.

2. I always take a look at our refrigerator before we leave, even if we're going to be gone just a few days. Coming home to spoiled food or old left overs isn't anything anyone wants! I also run the dishwasher one last time before we leave, even if it's not all the way full so that we come home to clean dishes.

3. Giving the whole house a nice tidying up is also something we always try to do before we leave. This includes cleaning the kitchen counters, emptying all the garbage, picking up the living room, and more. It always feels good to come home with everything in order.

Take Care of Your Pet Before Vacation

4. If you have a pet, arranging for its care is important, too! We have a cat, Toby, and we always make sure we have a family member or neighbor come over and take care of him while we are away.

5. Another way we take of Toby is preparing his litter box with New Purina® TIDY CATS® Free & Clean™ Unscented Clumping Litter.

Use TIDY CATS Free and Clean Cat Litter

We choose TIDY CATS Free and Clean because it has Unscented Odor Control with the Power of Activated Charcoal. It controls odor without dyes and fragrances plus it has TidyLock® Protection to lock away odors—giving you the clean you need free of the stuff you don’t. It also has strong clumps which makes for easy cleanup when we return home. TidyLock Protection locks away odors and is 99.9% dust free. It's an easy choice for us to help our home stay clean while giving our pet the best care.

Shop for TIDY CATS Free and Clean at Target

Shop for TIDY CATS Free and Clean at Target

We shopped for TIDY CATS Free and Clean at Target. You can find it in the cat litter aisle and it is available in both Traditional Clump (20 and 35 lb.) and Light Weight (8.5 and 17 lb.). Target is our go-to store for all our family's needs, including Toby's!

We are so ready for a great summer with lots of travel, and having a home that is safe and clean while we're gone is icing on the cake.

What is on your checklist for your home before you go on vacation? If you have a cat, make sure you choose TIDY CATS Free and Clean so your nose will be happy when you arrive home.

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