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Custom Kids Thank You Notes

I got these cards free for my review. Opinions are all my own. 

Are you a thank you note writer? I try to to be, not always, but gratitude is something I really want to instill in our boys. Henry's birthday was back in the end of January and we worked with Ben the Rooster to make some custom thank you cards. We also worked with Ben to make our Christmas cards this past year!

Ben sent Henry an paper canvas that was the size of the card that he could design. We sent the canvas back to Ben and he printed them out into high quality cards!

I love all of the little touches like the "Art by Henry" on the back of the card and that the design is in the exact colors Henry made it to be and is printed on high quality paper.

To help Henry write the cards, we made a list of the gifts he'd received and who they were from. He took over and wrote the notes. I love having him write and learn about the art of hand written letters!  I also know that the gift givers appreciate that the notes come from Henry now that he is old enough to write them himself!

Ben the Rooster is known for his work with helping children write through his Letter Club program and with every set of thank you cards purchased, 50% of the profits are used to fund the Letter Club for schools!

Make sure you check out Ben's Custom Thank You Cards for your child's next thank you note or check out all the custom cards Ben has to offer here

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