bybmg: Trying Red Aspen False Eye Lashes

Trying Red Aspen False Eye Lashes


Disclaimer: I got these lashes free to review but all opinions are my own.

Never have I ever, until this last week, worn false eye lashes. I will admit that lately I've been intrigued by them, but they have always scared me. I have always been afraid that I won't put them on correctly or will look silly with them on. My friend, Dawn, is a Brand Ambassador for Red Aspen Lashes and asked if I wanted to try a pair to review for the blog. I jumped at the opportunity!

UPDATE! I loved them so much that I am now an Ambassador! Shop with me here!

Red Aspen has a variety of types of lashes, and Dawn chose the Mina lashes for me. Mina is the shortest and simplest of all the lashes they carry. They were a great choice for a newbie like me.

Dawn sent me these directions for application and removal, which were easy enough to follow. I asked around a little on Instagram about people's experience with false lashes and they shared similar ideas to this application info.

I didn't do a straight before picture, but I did put one eye's lashes on and left one off to take a couple pictures to show you the difference between:

Here's a couple photos with both lashes on:

I'll admit they probably aren't on perfectly straight, but it was honestly my first time, and who is going to look at your eyes THIS CLOSE anyway? They really did add a pop to my eyes!

So, what makes Red Aspen Lashes different from lashes you can get at the drug store? Here's a run down:

So, the big question I'm sure you're wondering is if I would buy them myself? The answer is YES! Although I'm not sure if I'm an every day false lash wearer, I could totally see me wearing these for fun occasions or when I want to do some photo work for my SeneGence business!

Want to try Red Aspen Lashes for yourself? Shop here! Dawn also makes some amazing leather earrings and I'll be sharing those with you soon!

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