bybmg: Office Space Dreams to Reality

Office Space Dreams to Reality


My new office space is really coming together! Back in January, I shared that I ordered this desk and also put together a wish list for my new space. I still have a few final touches, but I thought I would share what I have going on so far.

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I really love the fun storage options this desk has to offer. I don't have a lot of shelving space in our home, so it's nice to have a little to pretty up. This cup from Target just makes me happy!

I also love that I have a place for my printer! Before we had the office, the printer was in our basement storage room, so I had to haul my computer all the way down there to print. 

This corner of my desk is where I keep a bucket with my shipping supplies, my mug of writing utensils, my water, letter board, and my tape dispenser (Target dollar spot find!). I also tuck some notes there that remind me of why I do what I do. 

This corner is my pretty corner with all my LipSense in a pretty case, an inspirational sign (another Target dollar spot find) and my new gorgeous silk flower bouquet! The silk bouquet is courtesy of Commercial Silk

I love the look of flowers, but keeping a filled vase on my desk worries me with the likelihood of spills and the expense of keeping up the cost of fresh flower. I chose this display and it is just perfect. It looks realistic but I don't have to worry about dying flowers, loose petals, or water spilling. 

It's a very full looking piece that I just love. Commercial Silk has a great variety of artificial plants for you to choose from to fit your decor needs.

This wall art was up when the office was our bedroom, and for now I have just left it be. I really do like it, but I'm sure I could change it up a little bit. 

This is the last spot I need to decorate. I'm not sure if I want to do a large starburst mirror or more of a collage wall like the other wall. What would you suggest?

What do you think of my new work space? What silk arrangements might you add to your home or work place?

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