bybmg: $11 at Target - Everybody and Their Sister

$11 at Target - Everybody and Their Sister


So, this month I got confused... very confused. 1) I went to Target once and bought something, but then told myself later I would go back and actually shop for $10 at Target. Then, when the time came, I thought I'd already shopped for $10 at Target and bought a couple more things... and I took no pictures of either shopping trip... so this is a pieced together $11 at Target with no photos of what I did't get.

2) I was supposed to post this last Monday and totally thought otherwise, so sorry if you came to link up and I wasn't here.

Anyways... here's what I got!

Why in the world do I have the phrase "Everybody and Their Sister" in the title? Well it seems that everybody I saw on Instagram discovered the amazing $5 felt boards the dollar spot had. I sure did. I bought one for me, one for a friend, and 3 for prizes for gals on my SeneGence team!

The other two items I bought were a cute tape dispenser for my new desk (just $3!) and a You Are Beautiful sign that totally fits with my decor for my desk too (just $3 as well). So, you may have thought the title was a typo, but I spent $11 at Target this month!

So, even though I missed the link up, make sure you check out who did link up and visit their posts!

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