bybmg: $10 at Target: Drink Ware on My Mind

$10 at Target: Drink Ware on My Mind


Welcome to $10 at Target! Each month a group of ladies and I go the place of the red bulls eye and see what $10 can get us! This month there was so much Christmas goodness; it was hard to know what to choose!

First off, what I didn't get! Looking back at all of these pictures, I realize so many are cups or mugs!

These bowls in the dollar spot were adorable!

The colors of these mugs just had me swooning!

And these disposable cups? How cute! I think they were $3 if I remember right.

I know a couple donut lovers would would get a kick out of this set.

I rarely take a bath... I'm more of a shower gal, but bath bombs always seem fun!

This salt and pepper set looks like a mug!

I LOVE these mugs. They have a recipe on the other side. I may go back and get them!

So, what did I end up with?

These adorable glasses were $1.99 each! They're plastic (kid-friendly!) and they will look so cute with my red and white snowflake dishes for Christmas!

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