bybmg: Cuddl Duds: Not Your Mom's Long Johns

Cuddl Duds: Not Your Mom's Long Johns


Growing up, I remember Cuddl Duds... those creamy white long johns that were notoriously known for being worn under jeans or tops to add a cozy extra layer. They weren't very attractive, but they did the job to keep you warm.

Fast forward, and the brand has reinvented themselves. Sure, they still have the cozy under layers, but they have so much more now too. Today I wanted to show you a few pieces I got from them and how I'll be styling them for out and about and cozy casual. I know I'll be wearing these a lot this fall and winter!

Top: Dry Goods
Cardigan: c/o Cuddl Duds
Necklace: Southern Joy Designs
Skinnies: Old Navy
Boots: Poshmark

My school is pretty much always chilly, so cardigans are a must for me. I love a good cardi and love this one because it is light weight but still adds some warmth. The color is so versatile and the cocoon cut is so comfortable. 

And really, the best part, THUMB HOLES! I love them and how they can just make you feel a little warmer for some reason. My son, Henry is going to be so jealous of this cardi because he seriously asks me if he can cut thumb holes into his long sleeved tees.

Top: LuLaRoe
Cardigan: c/o Cuddl Duds
Leggings: c/o Cuddl Duds
Boots: Thrifted Uggs

So, this is way more casual, and something I would totally wear lounging around home in the evenings or on the weekends. This is the perfect running to the grocery store outfit without looking like you are still in your PJs. The leggings are am amazing knit material that really feel weightless and the cardigan has a hood and some extra fabric in the front which jazzes it up from your typical sweatshirt. 

And again, THUMB HOLES! This just takes the cake for me. I love the cozy feel of thumb holes! Anyone else feel the same as me?

Make sure you check out Cuddl Duds and all they have to offer! They're available at Bon-Ton!

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