bybmg: Stitch Fix #3 - Help Me Pick!

Stitch Fix #3 - Help Me Pick!


You guys, this post went from being just a Stitch Fix review to a comedy routine! I kid you not. Friday I had just got home from hanging out at the amusement park all day with Henry, and we were going to be gone all weekend, so I really needed to get these pictures taken so I could have this post up today! Calvin wanted to be in almost all the shots! You may crack up because I'm cracking up looking at the photos!

If you haven't heard of or tried Stitch Fix before, it's a styling service. You take a style survey, put in your sizing, and put in notes about what you're looking for and request a fix. The cost of the service is $20 a box which you can apply to your purchase from the box. You can have fixes delivered on a regular basis or request them as needed. You can sign up using my referral link here.

So, this is Stitch Fix #3. My last fix in May was a bust. The first one was a back in January and was just a jeans keeper, so I was keeping my fingers crossed hoping this one had something fun. I tried to be much more specific on my intentions. I said: 
  • I am going to Mexico on vacation.
  • I want colorful pieces specifically tops, dresses, or even a romper.
  • I love florals.
  • I want things I could wear a normal bra with. I hate strapless bras.
  • I also changed my sizing to get medium tops because #yayweightloss!
I've basically decided one thing for sure is a return. Now I need help because I really can only afford to keep one piece. Which should I keep?

Here's what I got:

I really wasn't impressed with this top when I looked at in on the app. Yes, I'm that person who looks to see what is coming the minute I get the email my Fix has shipped. But, putting it on, I really do like it. The scallop detail on the arm is so darling! I could see it with blush skinnies, jeans, or white jeans... but I'm not sold on the colors, and I really can't see myself wearing it on our trip. It's $6 more than the next top I'm going to show you...

And, this is where the Calvin cheesing it up starts. This was actually a top I'd pinned! I was happy to see it in my box and the fit is nice. The split back is cute, too. This top would transition very well to fall. I could wear it with a cardigan to school to deal with some of the revealing details in the back. I think it would look cute with a jean jacket, too. I could also see myself wearing it with shorts on our trip.

Verdict: Want to Keep

Notice Calvin's hand on his hip?! I love the floral print of this dress, but 1) it is very similar to the Mud Pie dress I just got and 2) it was too big in the top. I did like that it had some jersey fabric on the back of the top of the dress. This one is for sure a return.

Oh man, you guys. This romper is soooooo comfy. I LOVE rompers like this and it would be so great for Mexico and summer in general. It has pockets and the pattern is so fun! The only down side is that this isn't something I could wear to work once school starts up.

At first, this dress was in the return pile, but looking at it, I kind of like it! The detail on the top is pretty and it fits well. One concern is that the skirt is a fabric that I think will wrinkle easily and I 1) don't own a steamer and 2) hate to iron. So that kind of makes me want to return it.

So, I need your help! What should I keep?

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