bybmg: Four Reasons I'm Wearing Lip Color

Four Reasons I'm Wearing Lip Color


If you met me a year ago, handed me a bright lip stick, and told me to put it on, I would have likely handed it back to you with a kind, "No, thank you." At that time I was a tinted chapstick wearer at most and that was about it, but things have changed! Here's why!

1) It makes me feel good. Up until last year you would have never caught me dead in lip stick. I thought it was crazy and bright, but now that I wear it on a daily basis, it gives me confidence! I know my smile is bold and I just love it.

2) It brightens up my face.  Lip color just adds a pop of cheer to my face. Without it now, I feel washed out.

3) I wear one that doesn't come off. Last July I discovered LipSense. Again, I was NEVER a lip stick wearer. I even gave away lip colors I'd gotten in subscription boxes because I didn't want to mess with it. I didn't want it on my teeth. I didn't want it on my clothes. I didn't want it on my kids. I didn't want to have to mess with it. With LipSense, I put it on in the morning and it does not come off! I can eat a sandwich, kiss my kids, drink a drink and it's still there.

4) I can match it or contrast it with my outfits. If I'm wearing a pink top, I can often make a shade that looks pretty similar. If I'm wearing a bland outfit, I can wear a bright color to contrast. Or maybe I'll just wear a touch of color some days, too. It's so fun.

So, if you see me around this summer, you'll see me wearing lip color. I'll be wearing it to the pool (because this stuff actually protects your lips from the sun!) I'll be wearing it on a date night. I'll be wearing it to the grocery store in my sweats because I'm a lip color convert. It only took me 32 years!

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