bybmg: DIY Make Up Brush Cleaning Tray

DIY Make Up Brush Cleaning Tray


I used to be terrible at making sure my make up brushes were clean. Partly it was because I didn't really use them a ton, but partly it was because I was lazy. Dirty make up brushes aren't good for your skin. Depending on your source, people will say you should clean your brushes anywhere from daily to monthly. I probably fall more into the monthly range, but I would really like to get to a being a person who cleans their brushes about once a week. 

One thing that can be tricky about cleaning make up brushes is just how to go about it. Do you use your hands? Do you just swish them around in water? Well, I've actually seen make up brush cleaning pads or mats, so I thought it would be easy enough to make one of my own. 

I love a good DIY, but only if it's something that is easy and I can easily share with my readers, and today, this one is EASY!

You'll need a plastic or ceramic plate and a hot glue gun. I got my plate at Target for just 99 cents! I bet you could easily find a cute plate at a thrift store, too!

Heat up the hot glue gun and then make a zig zag pattern on your plate with glue. I also put dots between the zig zags. Basically you want some sort of texture for your brushes to be able to rub against.

Here's a close up look of the texture I made.

Then, just let it cool and you're set! Use your favorite brush cleaner or I've even seen some people use baby shampoo. Basically you just need something to suds it up that is safe for your brushes.

Work the brushes over with the soap and water, and then set them out on a towel to dry and you're done! Easy as that!

Now, go get a pretty plate and make your own!

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