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DIY Pom Pom Necklace


Pom poms are all the rage right now, and I love the pop of fun they give to an outfit. I have seen pom pom necklaces in a few shops, but I didn't see one whose color scheme really was for me, so I decided to try to make my own! Today I'll show you how I did it!

All you'll need is some scissors, embroidery thread, pom pom beads (I found mine on Amazon) as well as tape and a safety pin (not pictured). 

I cut super long pieces of embroidery thread. I would guess I cut at least three yards. I didn't en up using the whole length, but I went for having too much instead of trying to add some on. I used three different colors, tied them together in a knot, pinned the knot to my jeans, and then I simply braided them. This definitely took me back to middle school years and friendship bracelets! The braiding took a while, but it would easily be something you could do while watching TV.

I kept stopping to check the length. I wanted it to be long enough for a necklace plus a little extra length because you'll need it when you tie knots a couple steps from now. I think I finished with about 60 inches of braid, but you could probably do 50 or 55 inches and be okay.

Next, I took the tape and taped off the end of the string very tightly and cut it at an angle.

Then, I measured up about six inches and tied a knot. I used the taped end to thread through the pom pom bead.

Then, I tied a knot on the other end of the pom pom bead. I repeated the steps of measuring, knotting, adding the bead, and knotting again until I got to the end of how long I wanted the necklace to be. For me, I repeated the step six times. 

Last, I took the original end and tied it in a knot between the pom pom and the last knot I tied. I cut all the strings off.

It looks cute alone or layered with a shorter necklace. My monogram is from Southern Joy Designs. Use code BGSJD10 to get 10% off yours!

Also I thought it would be fun to send a couple readers a kit to make their own pom pom necklace. I have three different color combos to give away! Comment below on which one you'd like me to send you and I will pick three winners (US mailing addresses only, please).

{Yellow, Orange, White}

{Teal, Blue, Purple}

{Blue, Green, White}

Please comment by Monday, June 29th. I'll pick three winners on Tuesday, June 30th!

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