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Egg Carton Daffodils


Spring is the season for the bright blooms of daffodils! Though we have no daffodils in our yard, I thought it would be fun to make some using recycled materials and things we had around the house.  Hopefully, this will inspire your child to participate in many creative learning activities this spring! So dig an egg carton out of the recycling bin and start creating

The supplies you need are simple:

  • Glue
  • Construction Paper (yellow, green, and a background color
  • Yellow paint
  • Green pipe cleaner, scissors
  • Egg Carton
  • Paint brush

I had already cut it out, in the above picture, but first you will need to cut out one section of the egg carton to make your flower.

Wesley got to work painting the egg carton piece. The kid loves to paint, and he is getting so much better at it! He make sure all areas were covered. Then, we let it dry.

Then, we cut out a strip of green as wide as our white background paper, and cut small cuts in it to make it look like grass. We also cut the green pipe cleaner to fit our picture.

After that, we cut two leaves for the daffodil. Wesley just kind of does his own thing when cutting, but a good tip to make leaves is to cut a circle and then cut the circle in half for the leave.

Next, I cut an about four inch circle and cut crescents out of the edge to make it look like the back of the daffodil!

We attached everything to the picture using glue. Wesley insisted we make a purple daffodil, because he LOVES purple, so we added that, too (and the paper hit a puddle of water that was on the table!)

Last, Wesley added a few of his own touches to the paper, including a sunshine and some crackers. Crackers? Yep! And he wanted to change into his Elsa costume for the picture. Sometimes kids just crack me up! 

We found this idea via which has tons of great learning and craft resources for your kiddos. I know it will be a great source of inspiration to me once summer hits and we're looking for things to do!

We'll definitely be taking some nature walks this spring to spot pretty flowers, count what we see, and make more crafts!  What are your favorite spring activities to do with your kids?

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