bybmg: Picture Perfect Project: September

Picture Perfect Project: September


I'm joining in with some fabulous ladies to be a part of the Picture Perfect Project. Each month I'll be sharing a few photos I've taken with our Canon EOS Rebel T3i. (This month I used my phone.) I decided with this challenge to focus on documenting of each of our boys in their element. It might look messy, but I just want these photos to capture the every day life we have. I don't really plan to edit the photos in any way except for possibly cropping them a little.

Phew, I feel like I was JUST here doing the picture perfect project last week, but alas it's been a month! I took these photos on Labor Day when we were just hanging out in the yard playing!


This month I want to remember how awesome of a big brother Henry has been. He has been SO great at playing with Calvin and entertaining him and his sweet soul has been helpful through Wesley's bout of sickness, too. He has been understanding and just loving on his brothers. Also I have to laugh that our SIX year old continues to wear these 3T swim trunks. The elastic is pretty much shot in them and he was complaining about how they weren't staying up well, so they may have to be put to rest.


This month was a little rough for this guy. The preschool transition was not his favorite and he was battling some sickness. He loves playing outside though, so this day he was very happy. Bubbles and water are definitely his favorite.


This guy does NOT tolerate his big bros going outside without him! He loves to play ball and push toys around. He's walking independently and the look of joy on his face as he gets from place to place is just amazing. He's still a mama's boy a lot, but when he's outside there's no need for me!

So, that's a wrap for this month!

What do you think?

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