bybmg: LuLaRoe Madison and Joy

LuLaRoe Madison and Joy


Happy Tuesday, friends! Today I wanted to show you my first day of school outfit (that's today!) which includes a few fun new LuLaRoe pieces, the Madison skirt and the Joy vest! Tif over at Bright on a Budget is also styling some LuLaRoe today, so make sure to check it out!

One of the many things I love about LuLaRoe is that even though you may get invited to a lot of parties, each party will have different items! The consultant may carry different styles than another consultant and there will always be different prints. Though I've been a LuLaRoe lover for over two years, I'm always finding fun, new pieces, like this skirt! Tif had a party with Tracy and this Madison skirt caught my eye right away. It has a gorgeous floral print with a hint of a mustard/orange in the flowers. I just knew it would be a fun piece to add to my collection!

The lace vest I'm wearing is called the Joy, and it is a new piece that came out this summer from LuLaRoe. It's a great completer piece that just adds a fun layer to an outfit. I hope to show you a few other ways to wear it in the coming weeks and months. Through a combined effort between Cassy and Amanda, I came to own this piece! I'm super excited to layer it over some of my dresses and who knows how else!

Earrings: A Pretty Pear
Tee: Old Navy
Necklace: Noonday
Skirt: LuLaRoe
Vest: LuLaRoe
Bangles: Target
Wedges: Target

What do you think? Have you tried LuLaRoe? What's your favorite piece?

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