bybmg: High Five for Friday 8.12 - Adventures

High Five for Friday 8.12 - Adventures

Happy Friday! This week has been full of adventures! Here are some highlights:


Russ and I spent last weekend away with some friends. No kids. We do it every year! Cabins out in the middle of nowhere. It was so fun!


I took Henry and Wesley to Adventureland (our local amusement park) this week. Wesley went on Monday and Henry on Tuesday. It was so fun taking each of them and just spending some solo time with them. Henry went on his first roller coaster and declared it awesome. We ended up riding three different roller coasters and went on one of them six times! I took video with the GoPro both days and Russ made each boy his own video, so it will be fun for them to look back on.


I started a loyalty program with my LipSense Ladies! I just love having pretty lips and not having to worry about it wearing off! If you're interested, join the group to learn more!


It turned super hot at the end of the week, so we headed to the pool then afterwards stopped at Hal and Harry's Hawaiian Ice! YUM. It's my favorite summer treat!

How's your week been?

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