bybmg: Numbers and Goals: May

Numbers and Goals: May


I've been doing separate In Numbers and Goals posts for the past few months, but I have decided that I'm going to start combining them. So, today you get my first go at it. May in Numbers, a review of May's goals, and setting goals for June!

May in Numbers


The number of night's Calvin slept all night. Not as good as last month, but better than prior months. I'm just kind of accepting that he's not going to be as good of a sleeper as his brothers. 


Trips to Target. More than previous months, but much less than some of y'all I'm sure. Our nearest Target is about a 10-15 minute drive for me, so it's not like I can just bop in any time. And isn't this clutch cute? I'm kind of on a clutch kick! 


Selfies on my camera roll this month. That doesn't count snapchat selfies because those don't save. I'd probably have a ton of those. Darn cute filters.


Kindergarten graduate. This was a selfie from the last day of school I'm kind of having a hard time thinking that Kindergarten is over for this kid. I feel like I was just reading him The Night Before Kindergarten and taking him school shopping.


The number of Jamberry manicures I did this month. I was on a kick of changing them every week though I don't need to!

May's Goal's were ones I felt really good about except one. Here's a recap:

1. Go to yoga once a week. - Check! It is something I'm really enjoying (see above selfie holding my yoga mat).

2. Clean up my closet. - Check! Russ looked at my closet after I cleaned it and said, "Did you get rid of a bunch of clothes or something?" So, cleaning up the floor of my closet helped a ton, and I just reorganized my tops and such a little bit. I did get some random boxes out of there and sent a bag off to ThredUp, so I guess I cleaned out a bit. I forgot to take a before picture, but just imagine the floor being almost all covered. 

3. Make something. - I didn't actually sit down and make a craft like I'd hoped, but I did FINALLY put up some wall art on the blank wall in our bedroom, so CHECK! Ya see, I have this pause in really getting into decorating our room because once Calvin moves downstairs in a few years, we'll switch our bedroom to his room. But, that's probably two years away, so I can't hold off on putting stuff up on the wall for that long.

4.  Plant something. - Check! We planted some flowers, a tomato plant, and a few pepper plants!

5.  Start an monthly email for the blog. - My on the fence feeling continues. I didn't even make an inch of a step on this goal because I just feel like it's one more thing right now. 

June's Goals:

1. Go on a walk once a week (like a work out type walk). - I need to keep getting more active.

2. Make a new dessert recipe. - I have a Pinterest board full!

3. Try a new hair do. - I'm in a hair rut. I need to try something different besides curling it or putting it in a messy bun.

4. Read a book. - I am almost finished with my current book, so I want to read another whole one in June. I have so many on my to-read list.

5. Drink 3 full tumblers of water a day. - I STINK at drinking water and I know I would be a lot healthier if I drank more, so I'm going for it. I have cute cups and water bottles, so I'm going to put them to use.

What do you think? What are your goals for the month? 

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