bybmg: High Five for Friday 2.12

High Five for Friday 2.12

Happy Friday!  If you're excited for the weekend, raise your hand! *raises both hands* Here are some happenings from around here!


We had fun watching the Super Bowl on Sunday! The photo add-ons on Snapchat just cracked me up. Wesley LOVED them... and I did, too!


I was a few days late capturing Calvin's 9 month photo. He would not sit still, nor leave Hobbes alone, but that pretty much sums up life with him now. He's always on the move!


Henry was so excited to address his Valentine's for his school party. I ordered them from Oriental Trading this year, and it was a great decision. They came already assembled! Score! We also made a Minecraft grass block box to collect them in at school. of course I forgot to take a picture of that before he took it to school!


I gave my first go-round with curling my hair with my straightener last Sunday. It sounds like an oxymoron, curling with a straightener, but I really liked the results! This picture was taken sitting in my car about to head in to a solo trip to Target! 


Toms were on Zulily (referral link) this week. I may or may not have ordered these! The booties have an adorable diamond pattern on them, and I don't have a true brown pair yet. One of our school colors is purple, so the classics will be worn a lot! And, now ya know my shoe size :)

{Bonus Number 6}

Wes was sick this week, and I got to stay home with him on Thursday. He seemed to be on the up and up. We had a great morning of watching TV and doing some crafts. More like, I wanted to do some crafts, so I took a cue from Keri and gave him some things to paint, too. We had a blast. But then his fever came roaring back along with some other scary symptoms, so we made a trip to the doctor. Oh, the roller coaster of children's health. 

In case you missed things on the blog this week:

I shared some LuLaRoe leggings looks I've worn in the past.

Have a great weekend!

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