bybmg: Leaves and Pumpkins

Leaves and Pumpkins

The leaves have started to fall here in Iowa. One thing I love about our "new" house is that it still has mature trees. Our old house had a HUGE tree, which had too many leaves to deal with. The tree here has just enough to be fun. Last Thursday night we got out the rake and played a little.

Will everyone please look at mom?!

And this video of Wesley is pure joy!

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I also took an idea from Whitney and spinned it for Sunday's lunch. Lunch after church on Sunday always needs to a be quick. We get home from church at 11:45 and Wesley is usually down for his nap at 12:30, so no time to mess around!

I took a store-bought pancake mix and divided it into two bowls then added orange and green food coloring.

I made circles with the orange, and put a little green on top!

Boom. Pumpkin-shaped pancakes!

How have you been enjoying fall this week?

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