bybmg: High Five for Friday 10.30

High Five for Friday 10.30

This week has been a little wild. With some more sickness floating around the house it just felt like we can't catch a break! Nonetheless, it was still a wonderful week. Here are some of the highlights!


The two little boys and I spent Sunday afternoon and evening at my parents' farm.  Poor Henry missed because he was home sick.  We lived up the farm life with a hay rack ride, climbing in the hay, and making apple crisp from apples from my parents' trees.


Thanks to some inspiration from Beth and hard work from Russ, we have a couple pallet pumpkins on our front porch.  I haven't been able to paint them like I'd hoped, but I still love them. Paint will come sometime!


Can you even handle the cuteness? Calvin had his first adventure in the swing outside. He truly loved it and even giggled!


Our local grocery store has added ONLINE shopping with the option to pick it up (always free) or have it delivered (for a fee or free when you spend over $100). I tried it out this week with the pick up option and it was SLICK!  They has a reward card which also tracks all our purchases, so when I went to order online, the things we usually buy showed up first.  It was totally great and I will for sure be doing it again! (P.S. See that desk in there? I can't wait to share it with you soon!)


My sister-in-law started selling LuLaRoe!  I have this suitcase of legging with me through tomorrow! See a pattern you like? :)

Happy Friday!


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