bybmg: High Five for Friday 10.2

High Five for Friday 10.2

It has been a week. And I feel like I have nothing to share. It wasn't a bad week, but there just weren't a ton of "wow, I should really share that with my readers," moments. So, today I'm leaving you with a few links to go venture out and enjoy!


These brownie cupcakes for Halloween are calling my name. Brownie. cupcakes. No, they aren't pumpkin, but they look tasty.


I couldn't not share something pumpkin though. This easy pumpkin pie cake looks absolutely scrumptious!


These salt dough beads would be totally fun to make!


I'm feeling pretty tired lately. Lisa's prayer for a weary mother are words I need to hear.


By the way, Della did a review of Jamberry Nails she got from me, and she's giving away a set. The giveaway ends today, so hop over and enter!

Happy Friday!


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