bybmg: $10 at Target: Clearance and Childhood Memories

$10 at Target: Clearance and Childhood Memories


I mentioned last month that I have decided to cancel my Ipsy subscription. So, I have diverted the $10/month budgeted for that to a new series, $10 at Target!  If you would like to join in on this monthly adventure, will you email me. I planned on gathering some people to link up or blog hop this month, but time got away from me.

I honestly just got to Target last night, so I didn't even know if this was going to happen this month! Next month I plan to be more on top of things. I just had to laugh with Russ asks, "Are you going on vacation tonight?!" He fully knows going to Target is a vacation for me!

I will say that it's HARD to stretch $10 at Target if you don't want a food item or to hit the dollar spot. Though I browsed the dollar spot this month, I specifically avoided purchasing anything from there just to show that it can be done!

I thought it would be fun to share a few things I thought about getting but didn't first.

Target clearance often has amazing deals. These slip ons were marked down to just $5, but sadly they weren't in my size.

I saw these tights in the ad this week. I adore them, but I could't stand throwing all my money at them this time.

Also, maple bacon frosting? Hmmm tempting, but I didn't pull the trigger.

Now, these. THESE almost made me pour all my dollars in one place. Totally brings me back to my childhood.

Then, I happened upon a smaller package. Yummy pastry-related flavors. I snatched them up! They even rang up a little cheaper at $3.99.

Then, I perused the clearance clothes. I know one of my goals is no more clothes until after the new year, but I figured if it was for fun and part of this series, it was ok. 

I have no camo whatsoever in my closet, so I thought this little tank was a great start. Of course I cropped off the price, but it was just $3.88.

I had a little over a dollar left to spend if I wanted to stay at budget. While I was soooo tempted to head back to the dollar spot, I did't. Office supplies. That'll find me something!  These crayons were almost purchased. I loved the earth tones in the prehistoric pack.

But, there's nothing like a full set of new crayons. These babies are going to be stored away in my desk. Now I'm on the lookout for a new adult coloring book or some printable coloring pages. Any suggestions?

So, here's my haul! Not bad for $10.

A little close up of the Lip Smacker flavors. Yum!

And my receipt to prove it to ya!  

If you want to join up next month, shoot me an email! I'd love to make a little $10 at Target community!

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