bybmg: Tuesday Talk: Puffer Vest 4 Ways

Tuesday Talk: Puffer Vest 4 Ways

Sometimes it's fun to look back over my outfit archives and see different ways I've worn a piece. Today I'm sharing 4 ways I've worn my Old Navy navy blue puffer vest. I got this vest last fall, and I know it will get a workout this year along with a few other vests. I love this certain vest because it is cozy and a solid color, so it's very versatile.


With a sweatshirt.

This green Hello Apparel sweatshirt is one of my faves. Adding the vest added some warmth and a little interest to the outfit.


With flannel.

This flannel shirt is a fabulous Old Navy find. It's maternity, but I think I just haven't been able to let it go. I think it will still look great as a normal shirt, but I have yet to give it a look. 


Chambray is the perfect top to layer a vest over. This look is all the shades of blue, but with a little texture from the vest and polka dot on the jeans, I think it works.


Sorry for the poor lighting for this one, but a baseball tee is another great layering piece with a vest. It's casual and comfy. Adding some warm boots made this a perfect fall or winter outfit.

What's your favorite way to wear a puffer vest?

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