bybmg: High Five for Friday 9.4

High Five for Friday 9.4

It's Friday once again, and I am so glad! Who is excited for the long weekend?!  Here are some highlights from this past week!


You're totally an adult if you get excited about a new microwave, right?!  Our current microwave is a counter-top model, and we're realizing we really lack counter space. So, we ventured to Best Buy and looked at getting one to mount above the stove. We decided upon this one. It is also a convection oven. It was a little pricey, but we have some money saved for home updates/repairs. We plan to stay in our current home for the long haul, so having an extra oven space will be very helpful as we host gatherings! We plan to pick it up and install it this weekend!


Blogger perk alert! I got an email asking if we would review some toys! It almost sounded too good to be true, but it wasn't. I won't be writing a dedicated post about them, but I will be putting my thoughts up on Amazon and Vtech's sites in the form of product reviews.  Let's just say the boys love them!


Russ and I have started a little weight lifting program. It's super quick (under 30 minutes) and we do it three times a week. It's great for weight lifting newbies! It's called StrongLifts 5x5, and there is even an app you can use for it on your device. Now, I've only been doing it for a week, and the first day I think I over-did it a little because I could barely walk for the next two days, but I am excited to continue it. I love that it doesn't take much time and I know it will help me get stronger and back into shape! I also love that it is something Russ and I can do together!


Sleeping has not been my strong suit lately. Calvin had a spurt of getting up in the night again (but he hasn't the past two nights, hooray!), and I was just struggling to get to sleep and stay asleep. I had this Sleepy Sleep Stick from Perfectly Posh. It's basically a lavendar and shea butter stick. I've been putting it on my feet and arms at night for the past few nights. I've slept a ton better! My friend, Sarah, is a consultant, to I've linked to her page!


Speaking of direct sales, if you've been here long, you know I'm a Jamberry Gal! The new catalog came out on Tuesday, and there are TWO new finishes (satin and luster)! I am so excited about them. I ordered one of each kind, so I hope to be able to share my opinion about them soon! I shared about the finishes I know about previously here.  If you're interested in trying out Jamberry, you can request a sample here.

Happy long weekend, friends!


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