bybmg: High Five for Friday 8.28

High Five for Friday 8.28

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Phew! What a week! Having a full week the first week of school is killer, but it was wonderful, too!


Henry LOVES school. He came home the first day saying it is SO AWESOME. Highlights of the day were lunch (We get chocolate milk. I had a cheeseburger with pickles!), having one of his preschool friends in his class, and seeing a few more preschool friends at recess.


My first day of school wasn't half bad either. Cupcakes from a wonderful friend and a little bag of goodies outside my door to start off the day! Russ isn't teaching in my building this year, so that made the first day a little different.


This beauty was on sale this week. I scoped it out all last winter but never pulled the trigger. I can't wait to style it this fall/winter!


Terribly grainy pictures, but Calvin learned to roll back to belly this week. Now we start the process of unswaddling him when he sleeps :(

Also a very short clip, but Wes is getting the hang of the scooter!


My cousin released his first album! You can listen to him on Spotify or buy his album here

Last, don't forget our monthly How I Style It link up. This month's link up is on Wednesday September 2. We'll be sharing our chambray looks.


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