bybmg: High Five for Friday 8.21

High Five for Friday 8.21

Oh Friday, here you are! This week was my first week back to work since the first week of May! How crazy is that? Thanks, Calvin, for the extended summer vacation. This week was kind of a whirlwind. I know we'll get in the groove, but it was tough! If you're a blogging friend, I will apologize that I haven't been able to comment as much as I've wanted to this week. I hope to get back into the groove once I find a balance of with work and family.


We lived up the last few days of summer vacation with a few trips to ice cream places, making lots of crafts, and playing extra in the back yard. It was fabulous!


Henry had his Kindergarten open house last night. Wow it's a whirlwind!


Calvin has been drooling a bit more lately, so I searched Etsy for some cute, stylish little bibs. I found this shop that sells this for an AMAZING price and immediately ordered 5. They arrived quickly and are so cute! I just ordered a few more.


Speaking of Mr. Calvin, he slept ALLLLL night on Tuesday AND Wednesday nights. And I don't mean 6 hours of "sleeping through the night," I mean I put him to bed at 7:45 and he slept until 6:20! High five, dude! I haven't slept that much since May 3rd!


We have a large gathering with all the staff from our growing district every year. This year, Craig Scott spoke. He is a Columbine shooting survivor, and his sister, Rachel, was the first person shot that day. He shared wonderful thoughts and insights that I hope to apply with my students this year.

How was your week?


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