bybmg: Tuesday Talk: Getting Moving After Pregnancy: Hold Yourself Accountable

Tuesday Talk: Getting Moving After Pregnancy: Hold Yourself Accountable

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Last week I shared about how wearing the right clothes has helped me get moving after pregnancy. Today I want to share about how I hold myself accountable for getting up and getting moving. 

See that little polka dot band on my wrist? That's a Fitbit Flex. It's basically a fancy pedometer that also has an app I use with it.

I use the Fitbit app on my iPhone. You can track a lot on it if you really want to. Currently, I mostly pay attention to my steps and active minutes. When I first got my Fitbit, I just wore it for a while to see what I was doing. Then, I set a goal for myself. First, it was 6,000 steps a day. Now I've bumped it up to 7,000. I plan to eventually kick it up to 10,000 once life is a little more back to normal. 

On the actual  Fitbit Flex, there is a row of 5 lights (each representing 20% of my goal). I can tap my Fitbit at any point and see where I am with my steps goal instead of having to look at my app. 

On this day, I was past my goal at 6 pm because I'd gone for a walk earlier in the day. 

The app also has the capability of tracking water consumption and calories. I haven't used those aspects of it, though I really should for water. It can also track your sleep, but since I'm still getting up with Calvin at night I haven't cared to use that feature.

Another fun features is that you can add friends on Fitbit. It doesn't show you their daily activity, but it does show you their total steps over the last 7 days and ranks your steps against theirs. I whited out my friends' pictures for privacy reasons. You can also compete in challenges, though I haven't gotten into that feature. 

The app notifies me when the Fitbit's battery is low so I know to charge it. The charger is just a little USB piece that the Fitbit clicks into. I usually charge it on my computer when I know I'm going to be sitting down for a while or over night. I have heard of people charging it in their car which I think is a great idea. 

Now, I couldn't talk about the  Fitbit Flex without mentioning the fashion aspect of it. You can get pretty fancy bands that have a pretty good price tag. I would really like to find a bangle one that isn't quite this expensive.

But, Amazon also has some cute ones that are pretty cheap ($5-$10). Above is just one set you can get. Go to Amazon. Search Fitbit Flex Band. You'll find tons! I have three I regularly rotate through though getting a fancy band someday will be fun, too. 

So, that's the Fitbit Flex. Feel free to ask any questions in the comments!

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