bybmg: Tuesday Talk: The Boy Who Lost His Name Book Review & Giveaway

Tuesday Talk: The Boy Who Lost His Name Book Review & Giveaway

I received this item free in exchange for review. Please see my disclosure statement.

I've realized as we have added more children in our home, I have to take some extra efforts to make each one feel special. Henry, being our first, got a whole 3 and a half years of us to himself before having to share us. He got personalized gifts, books, new clothes. Poor Wesley and Calvin will flourish in the hand-me-downs. 

Enter The Boy Who Lost His Name. This isn't just any book because you could have three in your house and they won't be the same story!

When you order the book you choose your child's gender (yep, there's a girl one, too!) and enter their name.

The book is personalized to your child's name. Sure, I've had other books before that are "personalized" where the name is just dropped in and the story is the same, but this book takes you on a special journey with characters that match the letters of your child's name. For Wesley's, it started with a wizard who wasn't able to cast spells.

Then we met a forgetful elephant. After that a squid, an elk, a lion, and last a yeti!

Then, Wesley finds his name!

I was so impressed with the quality of the book itself as well as the beautiful illustrations. I like that they include uncommon animals like a squid and yeti. It makes for a fun adventure!

The best part is, I can order a copy for each of our boys because none of their stories will be the same! I also plan on buying more as gifts! The book costs $29.99 and ships free woldwide. The book prints and ships pretty quickly. I think I had this copy within a week and subsequent copies I've ordered have come in a similar time frame. 

Check out The Little Boy (or Girl) Who Lost His (or Her) Name here!

Today I'm also excited because I have one copy to giveaway to one of YOU! Just enter the rafflecopter below. I also have some discount codes, too, so there will be six winners total. One of you will win a copy of the book and the other five will win a discount code. Good luck!

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