bybmg: High Five for Friday 7.17

High Five for Friday 7.17

Happy Friday! This week has been kind of tough with the realization crashing down on me that I have two papers and a presentation for my grad classes all due at the end of next week. I've made a good dent, but it has for sure put a little damper on my summer loving mood. Nonetheless, this week has been good. T


We had some friends over one night to grill and play games.  We broke out Settlers of Catan. Any Settlers players out there? We hadn't played in years, but I think it will be soon when we get it out again.


With a heat index of 107* or more on Monday, we weren't going outside. We ventured to Monkey Joes (bounce house place) with a friend. Henry was having a blast, so I missed pictures with him. Wesley wasn't having it at first... 

But, Russ via text helped me remind him it's just like jumping on the bed, and he was off!


We spent a day at my parents' farm. Henry and Wesley were smitten with the kittens. We almost took one home, but Russ said we're a one cat household, and we're getting our big white deaf house cat back from my parents once Calvin is a little bigger, so we left the kitties on the farm. 

My dad broke out the slide projector and we looked at lots of pictures from his growing up and ours. 

Here's little me with my first pair of glasses.

And little me probably around Wesley's age. 

My dad is also a bee keeper, and he have an observation hive in the house. The bees fly in and out via the tube attached to the window. It's fun to see them work!


Henry spent evenings this week at our church's Vacation Bible School. He loved it, but the late nights were hard on all of us. Poor Wesley wouldn't go to sleep until Henry was home, which was about an hour + after the usual bedtime. They both slept in a little this week, which was great, but it will be nice to get back into our normal lightly routines next week.


Thanks for all the sweet comments from my first video post this week showing a tutorial on how to do this updo. I was so nervous about posting it, but I am happy to hear and see people trying it!

ALSO, don't forget to enter to win a copy of the book I reviewed earlier this week!

Have a great weekend!


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