bybmg: High Five for Friday 7.10

High Five for Friday 7.10

It's Friday which means it's time to share highlights from the past week. 


Today is the LAST day to enter the giveaway for the Ann + Anthony children's pillow over on Instagram.  Make sure you hop over and enter. 


We had a fabulous Fourth!  We went to our town's parade, hosted a block party, and let the two big boys stay up for fireworks.  They loved them, though they did not sleep in at all on Sunday. They did, however, on Monday, so it must have just taken a day for the real tired to set in.


Calvin turned the big 2 months on the Fourth, too. He's been in a groove of sleeping pretty good this past week. One night he went almost 7.5 hours! 


We explored a new pool this week which was even more perfect for our little family and kept the boys wonderfully occupied!


Russ read about an awesome playground in the newspaper, so we ventured there this week, too. It was HUGE and WONDERFUL! It was a 30 minute drive, but totally worth it. So much I can't even describe to you, but the boys loved it. We'll be going back there soon!

If you're visiting, I hope you'll come back in the next weeks! I have my first video (eeeek!) hair tutorial coming up along with a fun children's book giveaway! 

Happy Friday!


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